Please Pray for our Missionaries in Albania

Our mission workers and partners are working with some of the most marginalised people in Albania. Many adults struggle through unemployment and illiteracy, children have little access to education and the elderly are often left isolated. Please pray for Albania this week.


Pray for BMS World Mission partner the Albanian Baptist Union, as they encourage churches to demonstrate God’s love to communities across the country. Pray especially for the young people the Church seeks to disciple.

Pray for BMS workers Mat Gregory and Annie and Dan Dupree. (left). Pray that they will continue to show God’s love to marginalised people groups in Albania through the ministry of BMS partner Tek Ura.

Pray for BMS-supported health workers Annie and Xhina as they work with children with complex disabilities, providing specialist physiotherapy and group sessions.

Pray there would be growing opportunities for BMS-supported GDQ International School to support Albanian teachers in the education system.

Pray the church supported by BMS partner Tek Ura continues to grow. Pray that the people will understand God’s love for them and their area.

Pray for staff at GDQ, including BMS mission workers Suzanne Gregory and Chris and Debbie Carter, (left) as they work with students from around the world.

Pray for students of GDQ, that they would grow to be young people of integrity and compassion, developing hearts that are ready to serve and demonstrate God’s compassion and love.