From the Pastors Desk

The song above has been in many films, a host of cartoons and was even sung on the Moon by NASA Astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan on the Apollo 17 mission. Undoubtedly May is my favourite month, containing the birthdays of at least 5 family members but that is the thing isn’t it - every birthday means you are one year older.  This May the Baptist Assembly comes as close to us as it has ever been in Telford. I understand it will be in Telford again in 2021 after a small detour next year to Bournemouth!

The Baptist Union is led by Rev. Lynn Green and the BMS by Dr. Kang-San Tan (pictured together). One of the many special guests will be Graham Kendrick with his band. It should be a wonderful weekend.


Another feature of May is Christian Aid Week.  Christian Aid is one of many charities which seems’ to be stretching its work and resources across the world.  


As I write this the full horror of the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka on Churches and Hotels is becoming clear with at least 290 people dead of all nationalities.  As a priest there said –‘ If this is what their religion causes them to do…. I believe we should all love one another…. but as a man I am very angry. When we hear of or experience such things we should be angry.  But, in the end, the only thing that will overcome hatred is not anger but is love. Love that leads to forgiveness, to unity

to reconciliation - but how hard it is; as Jesus showed us upon the Cross, it requires immense courage, determination and perseverance to love as Jesus loves.  


But that is our calling in Christ Jesus our Lord.