From the Pastors Desk

Dear Friends

I was thinking what I could say at the start of a New Year and looked back at January newsletters from the past and didn’t want to repeat myself.  But the New Year is an opportunity to start afresh with God and Church, in our relationships and much more.  The New Year is a time for forgiveness, a time for recommittments and a time for thoughtfulness.  As we look back over 2018 we have lost a number of good friends.  We wish they could still be with us but our Lord knows best and we trust Him. Together we look to move forward, to support each other and to advertise our faith through our words and actions and simply ourselves. I thank everyone at Bethany who has played a part in the life of our church in 2018 and I pray that our Lord would give you the strength to continue on into 2019 with renewed energy, vision and understanding.

Put your faith in Him and God will supply all your needs in 2019 and forever          Stephen