Bethany Baptist Church -Shoebox team

The Shoebox team

                      Larna, Judith and Iris             Rose, Judith and Larna

                                    with Christmas shoeboxes


The ‘Shoebox Team’ continues to work tirelessly throughout the year. 2017 sees an increasing number of girls, boys, women and men of all ages and religious persuasions in need of our help.

So how are the team doing ths year? Well they are on their way to providing a box of essential items to even more children and grown ups this year.

So they send their thanks to everyone  who provides items for the m to pack into the shoeboxes and helps in anyway.


Dodn't the team responded magnificently. Nobody associated with the Shoebox team believed that the ladies could prepare more than the 1660 shoeboxes in 2015. But they proved that with the generosity and help of members of the congregation and the good people not connected with the Church they not only beat the target they smashed it by almost 100 boxes. The ‘Shoebox Team’ working with International Aid Trust prepared an amazing 1755 boxes for distribution to make the lives of so those less fortunate than ourselves a little better. It just shows what can be achieved when working for ‘The Lord’.

A special mention must be given to Larna, she cut pasted and stuck a myriad of different covered wrapping paper to almost every one of the 1755 boxes to make them look special. Not only did she spend endless hours doing this she also collected the majority of the 1755 shoeboxes from shoe shops around Cannock transporting them in her trolley and bags on the bus to her home in Hawks Green.

THANK YOU LARNA, the Shoebox Team and everyone involved, from those who have received a shoebox.

All the usual things are needed and if anyone has any shoeboxes these are also urgently required by the team.

International Aid Trust

From small beginnings International Aid Trust has developed its operational area to include not only the UK but over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.