From the Pastors Desk


It’s almost Christmas and although some “wish it could be Christmas every day” others are happy once it has all gone. Our families may have many traditions when it comes to keeping Christmas.  For some the Church may be very much at the centre whilst for others it is the season to shop till you drop!  Here are a few traditions from different people that you might consider adopting in your family this Christmastime.


1. For a few laughs and a lot of fun, get together with friends to look at each other's family photos from past Christmases.

2. Drive around in the car looking at Christmas lights and choose your favourite..

3. Go to church one evening when no one else is there. Bring a candle and sit in the silence, enjoying the peace of the season. (Be sure to get permission first)

4. Go to the shopping centre and find a good place to sit and watch people. Try and guess who they're shopping for and what they bought.

5. Try a recipe from a different culture, like Pfefferkuchenhaus from Germany (look it up), Jamaican sorrel or barszcz (beetroot soup) with uszka (small dumplings) - a classic Polish Christmas starter.

6. Read the Christmas story (Matthew 1 and Luke 2:1-20) several times before Christmas; write down some new insights God gives you as you read.

7. Turn off all the lights and read “'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by candlelight.

8. Keep a journal of your favourite Christmas memories from this year so you can thank God for each one and remember them next Christmas and beyond!

And, of course, never forget the reason for the season - Jesus Christ our Saviour and our Lord.  Celebrate His birthday - O come let us adore Him.


Let us love one another from the heart in 2019         Stephen