Please Pray for

BMS World Mission workers make huge personal sacrifices to serve God across the world. Please lift them up in your prayers today, that they might be encouraged in their work and be a source of support for the communities they work with.

Pray for BMS mission workers, like Caroline and Victor in Guinea, seeking to improve the lives of local people by developing livelihoods projects and improving access to safe water. Pray for their encouragement today.

Pray for BMS teachers like Annie Brown (pictured) serving across the world. Pray that they have rest over the Christmas holidays and that they would return to school refreshed and re-inspired in January.

Pray for BMS mission workers preaching, serving and participating in church communities globally. Pray that God would give them the words to speak, energy to serve and the enthusiasm they need to encourage others.

Pray for BMS mission workers involved in theological training and evangelism as they train growing leaders and equip local churches. Pray for workers like Dave and Michele Mahon in Peru. (Bethany BMS Partners)

Pray for new BMS workers Brian and Jackie Chilvers (Bethany BMS Partners), currently preparing to serve as nurses in Chad. Pray that they will be energised and encouraged as they make this transition. 

Pray for financial provision and welcoming social networks for BMS workers returning from service. Pray that their sacrifice will be met with blessing. 

Pray for BMS medical professionals Annie Dupree and Kalbassou Doubassou as they continue to care for vulnerable people in Albania and Chad.