Bethany Baptist Local Foodbank News

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the foodbank in 2017. To date 274.5 kg of food has been generously given by our congregation that's an increase of over 116kg compared to last year.

Canoock and District Foodbank continue to do a tremendous job and so far this year January to July they have distributed 17.2 tonnes of food. This has helped to feed 1324 adults and 706 children.

Needed urgently are coffee, fruit juice, sugar, tinned fruit, fish and potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash, rice and sponge puddings.

The need is still great in our community so please give what you can when you can. Those in need really do appreciate every donation you make.  

Donations received at Bethany Baptist Church to date are:

January 2017 - 61.95kg (2016 -26kg)

February 2017 - 50.35kg (2016 -19.5kg)

March 2017 - 34.40kg (2016 -18.5kg)

April 2017 - 22kg (2016 -19.5kg)

May 2017 - 39.49kg (2016 - 20.4kg)

June 2017 - 14.2kg (2016 - 24kg)

July 2017 - 26.6kg

August 2017 - 25.50kg (2016 - 30.5kg)

September 2017


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