From the Pastors Desk - December

Dear Friends

A Happy Christmas to one and all!  It is that special time of year again when in the depth of Winter we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We give each other presents that recall the gifts of the Wise Men.  We decorate the Christmas Tree with a star on top to recall the star that stayed over Bethlehem. We place the figures around the manger to recall Joseph and Mary, the shepherds, the animals, the very lowly and ordinary start to life for God’s own son.  Perhaps we make a Christingle to recall the world that Christ came to and the light He brought and brings still to it.  Many of you will have your own special traditions at this time of year, one of mine is to write a thing called “The Jacksonville Journal” which summarises for many friends around the world what has happened to our family in the past 12 months. 

As you look back over 2019 you may think that there are things you did outstandingly well.  If so, give yourself a pat on the back, or even have a sherry (it’s Christmas after all). There may be other things that weren’t so well done and so need to be improved upon come 2020.  I am thinking about things like our personal devotions, our determination to live in unity and at peace with all people, stretching our faith in new directions and trusting Jesus as we ought for EVERYTHING we need.

As a Church we have sad times that we share together.  Friends move on to ‘higher service’ almost every year.  But we also share many, many joyful times.  Let us thank God for those times and let us make Christmas 2019 one of those, as we rejoice together at Church, at home and wherever we might go this December.

Put your faith in Him and God will supply all your needs in 2019 and forever          Stephen

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