Member Responsibilities

The Responsibilities of Church Members
1. To live a life consistent with the Gospel and worthy of our high calling in Christ.
2. To spend some time every day in prayer and Bible study.
3. To share each Lord’s Day, unless unavoidably prevented, in the corporate worship of the Church, and to be regular and faithful in observance of the Lord’s Supper.
4. To share in the ministry of intercession, both in private prayer and with the Church in corporate prayer.
5. To live in a relationship of love, loyalty and fellowship with all the other members of the Church.
6. To take a fair share in the responsibilities and work of the Church according to our gifts and opportunities.
7. To accept personal responsibility for the government of the local Church, by being present, unless unavoidably prevented, at the Church Meeting.
8. To understand and practice Christian Stewardship of our money, giving regularly for the work of the Church at home and overseas.
9. To attempt, by personal invitation, hospitality and visitation, to introduce and bring others into fellowship with the Church.
10. To take part in the Christian Mission to the world by giving ourselves in witness and service to others in the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(reprinted from FBC Church Members’ Handbook 2004)